Conceptual Map, Update, and Pricing

Update Google image of Block 18The property highlighted in yellow on the image to the right is sold. The blue bulbs indicate property pending negotiations.

Contact Mary Kay Hopkins at 337-439-1079 for details.

Clearing for Contraband Parkway, the DOTD road connecting W. Prien Lake Road to Nelson Road at L'Auberge Avenue began in April, 2017 with a projected completion date slated for January, 2019.

Click here for a Google map updated in November, 2018.  It shows closed sales as well as the nearby proximity of 17 hotels (1 is a motel) to Contraband Pointe. Over 3400 hotel rooms are located within 1.5 mile m/l of the entrance to the main retail section on W. Prien Lake Road. Over 950 rooms are within 1,800 feet!

Please note that the configuration of the entrance and lots on W. Prien Lake Road has been modified from the conceptual map below. The Google map via the above link provides a more accurate represenation.

2015 octrenderilng



3 Retail, Restaurants: Phase 1 and 2
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 1A Retail, Restaurant (Reserved for developer.)  1.5 $28.00   $1,829,520  
 1B Restaurant, Retail (Reserved for developer)  1.29 $27.50   $1,545,290  
1C Restaurant, Retail (Subject to Right of First Offer) 1.23 $26.50  


1D Retail (SOLD) 1.21 $25.00   $1,217,690
 2 Hotels, Restaurants  6.88  $23.00   $6,892,935 
 3 Retail, Restaurants, Professional Offices (11.5 acres of original tract UNDER CONTRACT).
13 $9.50   $5,379,660,700  
 4 Waterfront Restaurants, Entertainment, Shops. Six Acres of the original 16.88 Acres SOLD, another 6 acres m/l UNDER CONTRACT.  Approx 4.88 acres remain in Sec 4.
 4.88  $12.00   $2,550,874  
 5 Hotel, Multi-Family, Mixed Use  3 $16.00    $2,090,880  
6 Offices, Live/Work/Townhouses, Mixed Use 9.48 $11.50   $4,748,910
Multi-Family, Partial Waterfrontage 6.04  $11.00    $2,894,126  
7B  Waterfront Restaurant, Multi-Family 1.68  $11.50   $841,529  
8A  Residential  27.42 $6.00   $7,166,490  
8B  Proposed Waterfront Lot for shared use by 8A, 8B, 8C 1.01  $8.50   $373,963 
8C  Waterfront Residential (See 8B)  8.75  $6.50   $2,477,475  
 8D   Waterfront Residential (See 8B)  5.5  $5.50   $1,317,690   

 All acreage approxmate. Buyers responsible for internal development and pro-rata share of roads.