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This seven-acre + parcel includes a breathtaking view of Contraband Bayou 

cp bayounorth facingwestandnorthArea 7 is on the West side of Contraband Pointe and borders the Bayou. As is the case with most of the conceptual parcels within Contraband Pointe, size and configuration are negotiable. 

Zoned business, a variety of land uses are possible.  Hospitality, entertainment, culinary, recreation, a marina and related water activities, restaurants, residential, and VRBO cottages are a sampling.

Area 7 of Contraband PointeIn keeping with city code and the goal of achieving a walkable community, buyers are responsible for sidewalks and roads. 

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Dimensions/acreage are estimated.   
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 Click here for a Google map of the entire Contraband Pointe development.