News and links about Lake Charles with a focus on Contraband Pointe.

These pictures show the work in progress of the Nelson Road Extension Bridge.South Side of Bayou 2 17 24


This bridge will connect W. Sallier to L'auberge Blvd. As indicated in this press release on the Louisiana Department of Transportation site, the construction covers 1 mile.

Once completed, the bridge will reduce the time for those traveling to and from the residential and commercial areas on W. Sallier and will certainly be welcome by the many fans of The Bekery in Walnut Grove. 

On the South side of Contraband Bayou, the Contraband Pointe development, Prien Plaza shopping center, both casinos and the popular Nelson Road corridor will enjoy the benefits of this more convenient route.North Side of Bayou Bridge const 2 17 24

The medical and business community along Dr. Michael DeBakey Drive, downtown Lake Charles, and the residential areas on and off of Shell Beach Drive on the North side of Contraband Bayou, will also reap the time-saving, driver-friendly benefits on the North side of Contraband Bayou.

The bridge will also ease the truck traffic on W. Sallier and Lake Street, as the plans include an

access road to the Port of Lake Charles.

Completion of the bridge project is slated for 2026.

 Approximate location of Nelson Road Extension Bridge