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Located East of Prien Plaza and Hobby Lobby, Area 3A and 3B offer 800 feet of frontage on W. Prien Lake Road and 922 feet along Contraband Parkway.  

1 Primary highlighted onlyAs indicated in the drawing below, this offering measures approximately 16 acres after the sale to the developers for Hobby Lobby, which is now open. 

The developers also completed the entrance off of W. Prien Lake Road and the driving lane between 3A and 1C; the out-parcel on W. Prien Lake Road is also available. 


Click on the image on the left or this link for a custom brochure specific to this property.



If more property is needed, consider the 38-acre parcel which is a combination of Area 3A, 3B, 3C, and 3DIf less property is needed, consider:

3 Retail Marcel Traffic

2024 Conceptual Rendering with sales and available parcels

The image below demonstrates the proximity of Contraband Pointe to L'auberge and Golden Nugget Casinos and Golf Resorts. It also identifies various parcels available. 

CP Parcels Major Streets and Bridge 2024 01 30

Buyers are responsible for infrastructure.