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This 25.3+-acre parcel offers access from the internal traffic circle along Contraband Parkway and the East entrance closer to W. Prien Lake Road. The frontage along Contraband Parkway is estimated at 2400 feet.

3C and 3D highlighted plus notation regarding the bridge under construction over the Contraband BayouWhile all of Contraband Pointe will benefit from the proposed Nelson Road extension bridge that will connect West Sallier with L'Auberge Blvd (formerly Nelson Road), this offering and the North side of Contraband Parkway will benefit the most from the anticipated increase in traffic.


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Except for a small section along the drainage lateral which should not be impacted, all wetlands have been mitigated.

A Traffic Impact Analysis has been approved by the Louisiana Department of Transportation.

The conduit for electrical power has been installed along Contraband Parkway along with water and sewer lines. Buyers are responsible for remaining infrastructure/roads.

3C and 3D highlighted with L'Auberge Blvd and Contraband Parkway markersThe conceptual rendering below indicates a  multi-family complex in the center surrounded by retail stores, offices, restaurants, a pickleball court, and a fitness center.

Retail Conceptual Rendering

If less property is needed, consider:

  • Area 3W  3.85 Acres on Contraband Parkway
  • Area 3B  12 Acres on W Prien Lake Road and Contraband Parkway
  • Area 6E 2.77 Acres on Contraband Parkway

Updated drone view all major retail hotels bridge marcelThe image below demonstrates the attractive proximity of Contraband Pointe to the two casino and golf resorts, as well as examples of various offerings throughout Contraband Pointe. It also indicates the approximate location of the Nelson Rd Ext Bridge.

CP Parcels Major Streets and Bridge 2024 01 30

The photo below is of the entrance off of the internal traffic circle, which is to the East of Nelson Road.

IMG 20190623 083000741 HDR

 This is a drone image showing a portion of this parcel. Prien Plaza (Target) is ihe background as well Prien Lake Road and I-210.Drone image of a portion of this parcel. Prien Plaza is in the background

Drone Facing South From C Parkway with Area 3C and 3D marked