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As shown here, this parcel is approximately 11.5 acres. Referred to as Area 3D, this prime property is located on the southern side of Contraband Parkway at the internal traffic circle and offers approximately 900 feet along the new 4-lane road.  

Area 3D on Contraband Pointe HighlightedGiven the proximity to two major casinos and golfing resorts,  this parcel is ideal for entertainment, restaurants, recreation, and/or hospitality venues.

The convenience of Prien Plaza and I-210 also makes it an especially appealing location for mixed-use, especially professional offices or townhomes.

Link to custom brochure describing Area 5 in Contraband Pointe, including nearby retail, restaurants, and hospitalsSewer and water have been installed along Contraband Parkway which is now open. This 4-lane road with a median includes an internal traffic circle, a 10' jogging path on the northern side, and a traditional sidewalk on the southern side. 

Cross-access to the property to the East will be necessary. Underground power from L'Auberge Blvd to W. Prien Lake Road is in process. Buyers are responsible for infrastructure.

Click on the thumbnail image or this link to open a brochure specific to this property.

Click on this Drone 360 Aerial Tour Link or this video of the property on the southern side of Contraband Parkway.

Dimensions/acreage are estimated.  

 If more property is needed, consider:

 This drone image shows all of 3C to the West. 3D is on the right side of the traffic circle. The image does not show the entire 11 acres. If less property is needed, the westernmost 3 acres of 3D is available as a separate offering (3W). The size of either is negotiable.Drone photo with 3D indicated


The drone image below was taken from L'Auberge Blvd facing East, prior to the opening of Contraband Parkway. 3D begins approximately 300' before the internal traffic circle.

Drone 360 image from Nelson showing

Contraband Pointe Conceptual Parcel Map